Thanks for checking us out! This site will document the accomplishments, troubles, and other adventures of a novice handler and dog team. Please check back as we will be competing in more events in the following months.

About Us:
Lillie Mae is my first dog and the first dog that I have ever attempted to train. Along the way, we've both made plenty of mistakes, but we're both learning and growing from those experiences. When I first brought Lillie home, my plans were for her to simply be my companion and a spoiled house dog. As time went on, my plans have grown and we've found ourselves competing in AKC events and, in the past, visiting as a therapy dog team through Therapy Dogs International (TDI). Roux joined the family in April 2013 after I made the decision to become serious about competing in dog sports. Besides being an excellent companion and one of the most friendly, outgoing dogs that I've ever met, he has a desire to work that never ceases to amaze me. Working together, the two are excellent ambassadors of their respective breeds and have both been used to teach people, young and old alike, that breed shouldn't matter.

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